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Our Organization - Vietnam Manpower Company

Our Organization

More than 39 members include 22 associated companies and 17 Vocational training schools to professionally and carefully handle your manpower needs. To better serve our Clients and provide operational focus, we have structured our company into Business Organization. Vina Manpower also has three branch offices all over the Vietnam located in main cities to get the top caliber applicants that are suited for your manpower needs.

Nhat Minh International Joint Stock Company (NAMICO)
No. 20 An Trung, Dang Lam ward, Hai An, Hai Phong, Viet Nam.
License No.: 350/LĐTBXH-GP
Date issued: 3/5/2013
Chau Hung Joint Stock Company
Trung Trac Commune, Van Lam district, Hung Yen province.
License No.: 33/LĐTBXH-GP
Date issued: 1/8/2008
Simco Song Da Joint Stock Company
Simco Song Da Building , Van Phuc New Urban Area, Vạn Phuc Ward, Ha Dong District, Hanoi Capital.
License No.: 293/LĐTBXH-GP
Date issued: 12/16/2011
Giang Anh Group Trading and Consultant Study Joint Stock Company
Thu Lo Hamlet, Lien Ha Commune, Dong Anh District, Hanoi Capital.
License No.: 308/LĐTBXH-GP
Date issued: 3/22/2012
Hai Phong Trading Investment and Construction Joint Stock Company
No.6/1008, Lang Street, Lang Thuong Ward, Dong Da District, Hanoi capital.
License No.: 237/LĐTBXH-GP
Date issued: 9/22/2010
IDC International Development Joint Stock Company
No. P-901B, LICOGI Building , Khuat Duy Tien Street, Nhan Chinh Ward, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi capital.
License No.: 311/LĐTBXH-GP
Date issued: 4/6/2012
IIG Travel Joint Stock Company
Room 103-A18, Dong Xa Collective zone, Mai Dich Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi capital.
License No.: 140/LĐTBXH-GP
Date issued: 7/2/2008
No. 11, Nguyen Du Street, Tran Hung Dạo Ward, Hai Duong city, Hai Duong province.
License No.: 9/LĐTBXH-GP
Date issued: 12/28/2007
International Human Resources Trading &Technology Development Joint Stock Company
No. 30, Tran Cung Street, Co Nhue Commune, Tu Liem District, Hanoi capital.
License No.: 160/LĐTBXH-GP
Date issued: 10/3/2008
MOPHA Joint Stock Company
No.75, Au Co street, Tu Lien ward, Tay Ho District, Hanoi capital.
License No.: 250/LĐTBXH-GP
Date issued: 12/23/2010
Hoang Minh Services and Trading Production Co., Ltd
No. 5, Tay Son street, Dien Bien ward, quan Ba Dinh, Hanoi capital.
License No.: 352/LĐTBXH-GP
Date issued: 5/31/2013
Quoc Huy Investment Joint Stock Company
No. 06, Plot 4B, Trung Yen Urban Area, Yen Hoa ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi capital.
License No.: 317/LĐTBXH-GP
Date issued: 6/22/2012
Thai Binh Labour Cooperation and Trade Co., Ltd
No. 259, Ly Bon street, Tieu Phong ward, Thai Binh city, Thai Binh province.
License No.: 323/LĐTBXH-GP
Date issued: 8/16/2012
Thang Long Group
No. 1068, New Street, Ho Town, Thuan Thanh District, Bac Ninh province.
License No.: 219/LĐTBXH-GP
Date issued: 4/13/2010
Viet Ha Joint Stock Company
5 ward, Dại Nai ward, Ha Tinh city, Ha Tinh province.
License No.: 313/LĐTBXH-GP
Date issued: 4/10/2012
Vinh Phuc Tourism and Import Export Joint Stock Company
No.69, Ly Bon street, Dong Da ward, Vinh Yen city, Vinh Phuc province.
License No.: 322/LĐTBXH-GP
Date issued: 8/6/2012
Sunrise Vietnam Company Co., Ltd
No. 924, Bạch Dang street, Thanh Luong ward, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi capital.
License No.: 286/LĐTBXH-GP
Date issued: 10/20/2011
FLC Group Joint Stock Company
5th Floor, FLC Land Mark Tower Building, Le Duc Tho Street, My Dinh ward, Tu Liêm District, Hanoi.
License No.: 327/LĐTBXH-GP
Date issued: 10/8/2012
Viglacera Investment and Import-Export Joint Stock Company
No. 2, Hoang Quoc Viet street, Nghia Do ward, Cau Giay district, Hanoi.
License No.: 246/LĐTBXH-GP
Date issued: 12/7/2010
Hai Phong Trading Import-Export and Services Co., Ltd
No .19, Ky Con street, Pham Hong Thai ward, Hong Bang district, Hai Phong city.
License No.: 232/LĐTBXH-GP
Date issued: 9/17/2010
Ha Tinh Industrial Development Construction and Trading Joint Stock Company
No.162, Ha Huy Tap street, Ha Huy Tap ward, Ha Tinh city, Ha Tinh province.
License No.: 300/LĐTBXH-GP
Date issued: 1/16/2012
Thai Nguyen Import & Export Joint Stock Company
No. 25, Hoang Van Thụ Street, Phan Dinh Phung ward, Thai Nguyen city, Thai Nguyen province.
License No.: 101/LĐTBXH-GP
Date issued: 4/9/2008
Cement Technique Vocational School
No.3, Hanoi Street, So Dau Ward, Hong Bang District, Hai Phong City.
• Cement Manufacturing
• Mechanical Equipment Assembling
• Industrial Electricity
• Cement Physical and Chemical Analysis
• Chemicals Testing and Analysis
• Cement Packing Manufacturing
• Mines and Pits Exploiting Techniques
• Welding
Aquaculture Vocational School
No 10A/319, Da Nang Street, Van My Ward, Ngo Quyen District, Hai Phong city.
• Aquiculture processing and Preservation
• Food Processing
• Welding
• Shipping Machine
• Tools Machine Repaired Fitting
• AC Techniques
• Industrial Electricity
• Civil Electricity
• Agriculture Machine Operation
• Electric Pump Station Operation
• Rural Electromechanics
• Irrigation work exploitation and Management
Bac Ninh Vocational school of Construction and Electromechanics
Nguyen Dang Dao Street, Dai Phuc Ward, Bac Ninh city.
• Furniture Designing and Processing
• Water Supply
• Steel Structural Processing
• Welding
• Bending
• Auto Techniques
• Irrigation work exploitation
• Buidling Construction
• Civil and Industrial Electricity
• Electronics- Refrigeration
Thang Long vocational School of Transportation
Hamlet 1, Dong Ngac, Tu Liem District, Hanoi Capital.
• Construction Diving
• Welding-Ironing
• Bridge Installation
• Construction machine operation
• Concrete masonary
• Construction Carpentry
• Crane Operation
• Bulldozer
• Electrical Welding
• Industrial Power
• Construction machine Repairing
• Excavator Operation
• Plumbing
• Lifting Operation
Vietnamese-Australian international vocational school
No.9, Ho Tung Mau street, Mai Dich Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi Capital.
• Computer Technician
• Operator
Hanoi vocational school of Cooking and Hotel business
No.6, alley Lech Cu,Kham Thien Street, Dong Da District, Hanoi.
• Cooking Techniques
• Hotel/Restaurant Business
• Bartender
Construction and Mechanics Vocational School
No.73, Co Bi Street, Gia Lam District, Hanoi.
• Welding
• Civil Electricity
• Industrial Power
• Metal Cutting
• Mechanical Fitting
• Industrial Electronic
• AC Technician
• Accounting
• Electrical Welding
• Mig-Mag Welding
• Tig Welding
• ...Others
Hanoi Vocational School of Public Transportation
Commune Minh Khai, Tu Liem District, Ha Noi.
• Automobile Techniques
• Welding
• Computer Assembling and Repair
• Information Technology
• Foundation construction machine Operation
• Loading and unloading equipment Operation
• Office Informatics
• Automobile Driving
• Motocycle Driving
Hanoi 1 Mechanic Vocational School
No.28, Group 47, Dong Anh Town, Hanoi.
• Computer Assembling and Repair
• Office Informatics
• Metal Cutting
• Welding
• Fabricating Fitting
• Tool Machine Repaired Fitting
• Auto Techniques
• Industrial Electricity
• Civil Electricity
Quang MinhVocational School of Technique and Tourism
Campus 2, No 162, Khuat Duy Tien Street, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi.
• Hotel & Restaurant Business
• Cooking
Hanoi No 1 Vocational School
Phu Xuyen District, Hanoi Capital.
• Welding
• Database Administration
• Industrial ELectricity
• Fashionable Sewing
• Business Accounting
• Office Informatics
• Electric Welding
• Civil Electricity
• Industrial Electricity
• Industrial Sewing
• Metal Cutting
Hanoi Vocational School International Manpower
Commune Van Canh, Hoai Duc District, Hanoi.
• Electric Welding
• High Technical Welding
Vietnam Vocational School Veterans Association
Commune Van Canh, Hoai Duc District, Hanoi.
• Computer Assembling and Repair Techniques
• Computer Network Administration
• Officer Informatics
• AC Techniques
• Business Accounting
• Civil Electricity
• Industrial Electricity
• Mobile Repair
• Construction Techniques
Bac Ninh Vocational School of Economics and Technology
No 213, Ngo Gia Tu Street, Suoi Hoa Ward, Bac Ninh city.
• Industrial Electronics
• Industrial Electricity
• Welding
• Business Accounting
• Office Informatics
An Duong Vocational School
An Duong Town, An Duong District, Hai Phong City.
• Welding
• Industrial Electricity
• Metal Cutting
• Fashionable Designing and Sewing
• Auto Techniques
Nam Dinh Vocational School of Industrial Techniques
Cat Thanh Town , Truc Ninh District, Nam Dinh province.
• Welding
• Ship Hull Manufacturing Techniques
• Metal Cutting
• Auto Techniques
• Industrial Electricity
• Civil Electronics
• Business Accounting
• Wooden Sculpture Techniques
• Fashionable Sewing
• Information Technology
• Civil Electricity
• Civil Refrigeration
• Civil Carpentry
• Handicraft Textile
Bach Dang Vocational School of Shipping Industry
No 3, Phan Dinh Phung, Ha Ly Ward, Hong Bang District, Hai Phong City.
• Shipping Electricity
• Welding
• Shipping Machine
• Shipping pipe system Assembling and Processing
• Shipping Hull Manufacturing Techniques
• Industrial Electricity
• Metal Cutting
• Tools Machine Repaired Fitting
Thai Binh Vocational School
No 286, Tran Thai Tong Street, Tien Phong Ward, Thai Binh City.
• Industrial Electricity
• Welding
• Auto Techniques
• Social Work
• Office Informatics
• Fashionable Sewing